Eaten by the food we're eating

by MooClef

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Who of you has tried to eat food that's not been supplied
by massive corporations, secret groups or evil foundations
Shopping now is pure frustration, poisonous food fed to our nation
Reading labels gets harder to understand,
it's like reading a language from another land
The stuff that's been added to our food, to apparently help and make us good
Delusions rather than solutions, keep increasing the pollution
Slowly weakening all the people, fake varieties when it's all just equal
Eaten by the food we're eating can't be healthy as it gets treating
Eaten by the food we're eating

Wake up and open your eyes and think for yourself

Real food where you are we wonder, controlled mutations hiding under
the shell of a fake image that we see, which should make us believe it's toxic free.
We won't be allowed to grow our food, am I hearing right?
And seeds that come from laboratories people we have to fight!
This nonsense has to stop right now, the time has come to stand up proud
Defend your life and start to thrive, you have rights to keep so don't just sleep!

Wake up and open your eyes and think for yourself!

GMO is what it's called, and soon it's gonna make us bald
if we don't do what we have to do and stand up against the devil's crew
Tricked into this system and forgotten about the wisdom
Nature can give us all we need if we let it grow at its own speed.
Stop interfering into nature's cycle of life, by eating Frankenstein's mutations we won't survive!
So don't rely on the facts you're told, but do your own research as you're supposed
Don't let others think for you, deciding what is false or true
You have a brain of your own, just switch it on and don't just moan
A whole new world will open for you if you stay true and fight it through
We'll have a chance if we enhance the power nature's giving us!
Real health comes from mother nature, stand up against the manipulators!
You and me can make a change, break the chains and use your brains,
You and me can make a change, break the chains and use your brains!

Wake up and open your eyes and think for yourself!


released September 8, 2013
Recorded, mixed and mastered by MooClef

Guitar: Markus Denicoló



all rights reserved


MooClef UK

Hailing from the mountains of North Italy and currently producing music in 'the big smoke' of London town, it's no wonder that his music has an offbeat edge.

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